Nafion™ Tubing

Perma Pure offers bare Nafion™ Tubing in a variety of sizes. Our customers use the tubing for a wide variety of applications, applying the unique properties of Nafion™ to their own product designs or in their own lab experiments. Nafion™ tubing is priced per meter. For Nafion’s selectivity properties by chemical, please use the Selectivity Guide at the bottom of this page.

Note: Contact Us if you have a project that calls for Nafion™ tubing in larger diameters than you see here. We can consider producing custom tubing for your application if quantities are large enough. For Nafion™ in sheet form, please visit Ion Power at

Part Number Inside Diameter (in) Outside Diameter (in) Wall Thickness (in) Internal Volume (cc/ft) Weight (H+Form) (g/ft)
Min Max Min Max
TT-020 0.012 0.016 0.018 0.024 0.003 0.030 N/A
TT-030 0.023 0.028 0.030 0.036 0.003 0.097 0.1645
TT-050 0.038 0.046 0.048 0.058 0.005 0.273 0.3415
TT-060 0.047 0.057 0.057 0.069 0.005 0.418 0.4140
TT-070 0.054 0.066 0.065 0.079 0.006 0.556 N/A
TT-110 0.077 0.094 0.097 0.119 0.010 1.143 1.388

All tubing tolerance is +/- 0.005″

Perma Pure Nafion™ Application Information

  1. Nafion™ Dryer Performance and Selectivity
  2. Effects of Temperature on Nafion™ Gas Dryers
  3. Compounds Removed by Nafion™ Dryers
  4. Sulfuric Acid in Gas Samples
  5. Drying Technology: Microporous vs Nafion
  6. Nafion: Physical and Chemical Properties
  7. Tap Water and The Ion Exchange Properties of Nafion
  8. The Acidity of Nafion
  9. Formaldehyde Permeation Through Nafion
  10. Gas Permeability of Nafion™

Basic Video Describing Properties of Nafion™ Tubing

Please watch the short video below to better understand how Nafion™ tubing works.


Nafion is not only highly resistant to chemical attack, it also exhibits highly selective absorption and transfer of compounds. Most substances are retained quantitatively. Although they do not attack or damage the Nafion tubing, some polar organic substances are absorbed and consequently lost. Ammonia and amines are also absorbed and lost to some degree. For retention information on specific chemicals, use the following pull down menu.

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