Sample Gas Dryers, Humidifiers and Conditioning Systems Product Portfolio

Gas Sample Dryers
Perma Pure offers Nafion™ based tube and shell style dryers (requiring a dry counterflow gas) and dryers open to atmosphere for a wide range of flow rates up to 40 lpm.

Medical Breath Dryers and Breath Sampling Lines
Perma Pure offers Nafion™ based breath dryers and standard breath gas sampling lines made from PE, PVC, or coextruded PE/PVC, available with a wide range of connection interfaces.

FC-Family Gas Humidifiers

Where applications require a gas stream to be humidified. Perma Pure’s  Nafion™ based Gas humidifiers are the ideal method using either gas or water to provide the humidification.

  • MH-Series Humidifiers  – Single tube Nafion™ humidifier for flow rates up to 10 l/m using DI water as the humidification source
  • FC-Series Humidifiers – Multiple tube Nafion™ dryer for flow rates up to 10,000 l/m. This product line was developed for fuel cell humidification applications in either gas to gas or water to gas modes.
MiniGASS-2812Nafion™ Based Sample Conditioning Systems
Perma Pure’s Nafion™–based Sample Conditioning Systems’ advantage is the ability to remove moisture from the sample stream in the vapor phase, preserving the components to be analyzed – particularly water soluble gases such as SO2 and NOx among others.


Baldwin Sample Gas Coolers

Perma Pure and Baldwin Filters, Scrubbers and Accessories

  • AS Series Ammonia Scrubber
  • FB Series Inertial Bypass Filter
  • FF 250 Series Filters
  • HD Series Heatless Dryers
  • DM Series Desiccant Dryers
Baldwin Sample Conditioning Systems and Other Products


Baldwin Dilution and Extraction Probes