Gas Humidification Selection Guide

Many applications require a gas stream to be humidified, such as calibration gases, aerosol streams, or incoming air for fuel cell systems. Using Nafion, Perma Pure has developed an array of products that humidify gas streams in two modes – either gas to gas or water to gas.

MH™ Series Humidifiers

  • Water to Gas Humidification
  • Flow Rates 0- 10 lpm
  • Single Tube Humidifier

Perma Pure MH™-Series humidifiers use exclusive Nafion™ selectively permeable membrane tubing and liquid water to continuously humidify gas streams. These humidifiers operate over a wide range of flow rates, and humidify up to 98%RH using de-ionized water as the humidification source.

FC Series™ Humidifiers

  • Gas to Gas or Water to Gas Humidification
  • Flow Rates 10-1000 lpm
  • Multitube Humidifier

Perma Pure’s FC Series™ Humidifiers are a series of high capacity humidifiers that are used for a wide variety of applications, including the exacting requirements of the fuel cell user, setting the industry standard with unparalleled performance, reliability and lifetime.  These Nafion™-based products provide consistent, repeatable humidification of air and hydrogen across the specified flow range.  Perma Pure humidifiers feature a low pressure drop and do not require power to operate (in gas to gas mode), greatly reducing the parasitic load on your system.   The FC Series™ – your best humidifier choice for portable, stationary, materials handling and automotive applications.

BE Series Humidifiers

  • Gas to Gas Humidification
  • Flow Rates to 2 lpm
  • Single Tube Humidifier

The BE Series transfers moisture from one gas stream to the atmosphere using a single Nafion™ tube. These are typically chosen when the sample gas only needs to have its humidity equalized to the atmospheric RH. The most common application is to humidify calibration gases. A wide range of lengths and tube diameters is available to cover these applications:

0-0.2 lpm: ME-050 Series
0.1-1 lpm: ME-070 Series
1-2 lpm: ME-110 Series

Short Video Presentations

Perma Pure has created a series of short video presentations to describe the basic functionality of Nafion™ Tubing and our Gas Humidifiers. The videos are posted below. View the Nafion™ Tubing video before moving on to the Humidifiers.

Nafion™ Tubing Basic Functionality

Perma Pure Humidifiers Basic Functionality