New Digital Control System, Same Reliable Performance

The new Baldwin™-Series digital thermo-electric coolers by Perma Pure are a powerful combination of the proven track record of Baldwin™-Series classic coolers with a new digital control system. This combination ensures reliable performance for high flow rate, high ambient temperature, and high water volume applications.
Features of Baldwin™-Series digital thermo-electric coolers include:

  • Reliable dedicated Digital Control System keeps your system operating efficiently
  • Advanced P.I.D. control algorithm increases temperature control precision to maintain analysis accuracy
  • Continuous display of temperature eliminates guess work – a quick look tells it all
  • Alarm outputs provide alarm interface capability for your data acquisition system as well as direct control of sample pumps
  • Configurable for simple control of multiple sample streams
  • Individual water slip sensors and alarm outputs safeguard against upset conditions
  • Gas stream temperature output allows direct monitoring, eliminating guess-work
  • 115 or 230 VAC models
  • Coming Soon – MODBUS for remote monitoring

All Baldwin™-Series coolers use thermo-electric elements (Peltiers) to cool the sample gas to the desired dew point temperature. Condensate can be removed as it forms by an available peristaltic pump.
Features of all Baldwin™–Series coolers include:

  • Dependable water removal
  • Low maintenance
  • Single or dual sample streams
  • EZ-Clean twist-apart impingers
  • Durinert coated impingers
  • Alarm relays protect analyzers