It has recently come to Perma Pure’s attention that our product, 4P-33XP, a probe to be used for sampling gases (“the Product”) is possibly being used by some of our customers in environments that require compliance with Class I, Division I standards (“the Potentially Hazardous Environment”).  The Product was not designed to be used in the Potentially Hazardous Environment without additional protection and has not been certified by an independent authority for use in the Potentially Hazardous Environment. The Product should never be used, under any circumstances, for anything other than its intended use or consistent with its approved certifications.

The Product could be extremely dangerous if used within the Potentially Hazardous Environment.  The Product could trigger an explosion, potentially resulting in death or serious bodily injury if used, without additional protection, within a Potentially Hazardous Environment.

Safety is a top priority for Perma Pure.  If you have acquired the Product and have used or are using the Product within a Potentially Hazardous Environment, please immediately review its suitability for the application and if the necessary certifications have been obtained for use within the Potentially Hazardous Environment.  Other than the potential harm if used within the Potentially Hazardous Environment, Perma Pure is not aware of any other defect or safety concerns with the Product if it is used for its intended purpose.

Please direct any questions to Perma Pure by emailing info@permapure.com