Dryers and Humidifiers for Laboratory and Scientific Research

Perma Pure’s MD Series™ and PD Series™ dryers are used in a broad range of scientific research removing or adding moisture to a gas sample for accurate analysis. They are used in hundreds of applications, from mercury analyzers, CO2 analyzers, NOx analyzers, to PM 2.5 and PM 10 dust-particulate analyzers. Using our exclusive Nafion™ polymer  technology, Perma Pure dryers can reduce the sample dew point to as low as -45°C without any measurable loss of analytes. Additionally, the exceptional corrosion resistance of Nafion™ tubing allows for the conditioning of harsh and corrosive samples, even those rich in acids like HF and HCl.

Perma Pure also offers application assistance, helping to choose and integrate the right dryer or humidifier for your application. We have developed a wide range of best practices – make sure to contact us with your application details for assistance.

Fast. Self-regenerating. No power requirement. MD Series™ and PD Series™ dryers are the ideal choice when accurate analysis of a gas sample is required.

Gas Sample Drying
Flow Rates 0-4 lpm

MD Series
Monotube Dryer

Gas Sample Drying
Flow Rates 1-40 lpm

PD Series
Polytube Dryer

Gas Humidification
Flow Rates 0-10 lpm

BE Series
Flow Rates 0-4 lpm

Hot Gas Sample Drying
Flow Rates to 1 lpm

MD-H Series
Heated Monotube Dryer