The Company was Recognized by Chemours for the Use of Nafion™ polymer for Neonatal Respiratory Therapy and Air Emissions Monitoring

LAKEWOOD, N.J., Oct. 3, 2018 – Perma Pure LLC, a global leader of gas conditioning solutions for medical, scientific, and environmental monitoring applications, today announced that the Company received the 2018 Global Plunkett Honorable Mention from Chemours.  Perma Pure was recognized for the development of technologies that utilize Nafion™ polymer membranes in critical applications, such as sample lines for neonatal respiratory therapy and air emissions monitoring.

“Perma Pure highly values the long-term partnership that we have forged with Chemours and we are extremely proud to be associated with its tradition of innovation and excellence,” said Allan Klimusko, President of Perma Pure.  “The recognition of our global Nafion™ polymer applications is exceptionally gratifying and further motivates us to continue in our mission of helping to ‘Protect Life’ around the world through our products and services.

The Plunkett awards are named after Dr. Roy Plunkett who discovered fluoropolymers 80 years ago. These awards recognize advancements in products and applications across the Chemours fluoropolymer portfolio, including Teflon™ fluoropolymers, coatings, fabric protector, and additives; Krytox™ lubricants and Viton™ fluoroelastomers; and Nafion™ polymer ion exchange materials. Entries were judged by a panel of regional experts who evaluated the submissions for their degree of innovation, sustainability impact, breadth of use, and commercial significance. All award winners and honorable mentions will receive donations that will go to universities of their choice.

Pictured from left to right are Paul Kirsch, President, Chemours Fluoroproducts; Craig Sunada, Vice President, Product Development, Perma Pure; Jesal Chopra, Vice President, Chemours Fluoropolymer; Joseph McClung, NA Nafion™ Tubing Sales Executive; and Mark Vergnano, President and CEO, The Chemours Company

Craig Sunada, Vice President of Product Development at Perma Pure, received the award on behalf of the Company. The awards presentation was held at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

About Perma Pure LLC
Perma Pure LLC, a Halma company, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance gas conditioning solutions, including dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers and complete sample conditioning systems.  Headquartered in Lakewood, NJ, and with service and support centers located in India and China, the Company is the exclusive manufacturer of tubing solutions using Nafion™ polymer, an ion exchange co-polymer originally developed by DuPont.  With products that deliver best-in-class quality and reliability, Perma Pure is the trusted choice for market leaders in medical, scientific, and environmental monitoring markets.  The Company’s products contribute to the health, safety, and well-being of millions of people around the world.  Perma Pure LLC is ISO certified to 9001:2015, 13485:2016, and is FDA registered. For more information, visit